Fall Colors and Your Personality

graph of popular bike colorsAs bike to work week winds down, I am enjoying the beautiful colors of the trees, which got me to thinking about bike colors, which led me to thinking about what does your bike color say about your personality? So a bit of internet research later and the psychological information was at hand for both your bicycle and your car. Yes Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde does own a car.

Black– Classic, confident, aggressive. People who ride black bikes see themselves as rebellious. More black cars are involved in accidents, which may well also be true with bikes. Your local gangsters probably ride black bikes! 26% of you ride black bikes. That is a lot of gangsters.

Silver– Resourceful, aloof, trying to be sophisticated and classy. Interestingly silver car drivers are also known as dangerous drivers. This must be why at least one of us Pedal Pushers rides a silver bike. 10.25 % of you ride silver, but 24% drive silver, classy is clearly harder on a bike.

Green– Environmentally conscious, trying to be balanced, but more easily hysterical and a smarty-pants. 2-3% of you are green which is the same for cars as well. Hmmm, I wonder if teachers ride proportionally more green bikes?

Yellow– Exhibitionist, impulsive, joyful and novelty loving. Bet you didn’t plan to buy that yellow bike, but now with the yellow jacket and the black pants you have achieved a full bumblebee.

Blue– Cool and calm under pressure, loyal, introspective and cautious. 6% of you drive blue and 20% ride blue, clearly blue is the best color as shown by both my bike and car.

White– Steady, strong. Neat, tidy, even fastidious. You have low accident rates and thought the bike looked clean and pure. 30 % of you drive white but only 6-7% ride white. Clearly neatness and purity is more of a car driving virtue than a riding virtue.

Red– Action-oriented, physical, willing to try new things, romantic and energetic. 8% of you drive red and 26% of you ride red. That must mean that cyclists are more romantic than drivers.

One last observation about the beautiful fall leaves and colors. A cyclist named the season ‘Fall’ for a reason, the slippery leaves make you fall. Be careful out there!

The Pedal Pushers are Dan Campbell, Antje Wahl, Anita Leonhard and Heather Drugge, four North Shore residents who use their bikes for transportation. They can be reached at bike@northshore-pedalpushers.com.

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